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Search Results for Quassia amara
36 articles found.
Widespread use of herbal medicines by people living with human immunodeficiency virus and contamination of herbal medicines with antiretrovirals in Nigeria.
Gini J, Amara A, Penchala SD, Back DJ, Else L, Egan D, Chiong J, Harri BI, Kabilis ED, Pama PP, Stephen M, Khoo SH.
International journal of STD & AIDS. 2019; 30(4): 371-377
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Aqueous extracts of two tropical ethnobotanicals (Tetrapleura tetraptera and Quassia undulata) improved spatial and non-spatial working memories in scopolamine-induced amnesic rats: Influence of neuronal cholinergic and antioxidant systems.
Odubanjo VO, Ibukun EO, Oboh G, Adefegha SA.
Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie. 2018; 99(): 198-204
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Dandelion-enriched diet of mothers alleviates lead-induced damages in liver of newborn rats.
Gargouri M, Magné C, Ben Amara I, Ben Saad H, El Feki A.
Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France). 2017; 63(2): 67-75
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Phytochemical Analysis of a Cytotoxic Fraction of Quassia silvestris using LC-HR-ESI-MS.
Tala MF, Talontsi FM, Zeng GZ, Wabo HK, Spiteller M, Tan NH, Tane P.
Phytochemical analysis : PCA. 2017; 28(3): 210-216
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Quassia "biopiracy" case and the Nagoya Protocol: A researcher's perspective.
Bourdy G, Aubertin C, Jullian V, Deharo E.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 2017; 206(): 290-297
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Potential protective effects of polysaccharide extracted from Ulva lactuca against male reprotoxicity induced by thiacloprid.
Kammoun I, Bkhairia I, Ben Abdallah F, Jaballi I, Ktari N, Boudawara O, Nasri M, Gharsallah N, Hakim A, Ben Amara I.
Archives of physiology and biochemistry. 2017; 123(5): 334-343
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Antiulcerogenic effects and possible mechanism of action of Quassia amara (L. Simaroubaceae) extract and its bioactive principles in rats.
Raji Y, Oloyede GK.
African journal of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicines : AJTCAM. 2012; 9(1): 112-9
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Mechanism-based CYP2D6 inactivation by acridone alkaloids of Indonesian medicinal plant Lunasia amara.
Takahashi N, Subehan , Kadota S, Tezuka Y.
Fitoterapia. 2012; 83(4): 774-9
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Phytotherapy of chronic abdominal pain following pancreatic carcinoma surgery: a single case observation.
Wiebelitz KR, Beer AM.
International journal of general medicine. 2012; 5(): 845-8
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Effects of Ignatia amara in mouse behavioural models.
Marzotto M, Conforti A, Magnani P, Zanolin ME, Bellavite P.
Homeopathy : the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy. 2012; 101(1): 57-67
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Antidiabetic activity of standardized extract of Quassia amara in nicotinamide-streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
Husain GM, Singh PN, Singh RK, Kumar V.
Phytotherapy research : PTR. 2011; 25(12): 1806-12
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Choleretic effects of the Mongolian medicinal plant Saussurea amara in the isolated perfused rat liver.
Glasl S, Tsendayush D, Batchimeg U, Holec N, Wurm E, Kletter C, Gunbilig D, Daariimaa K, Narantuya S, Thalhammer T.
Planta medica. 2007; 73(1): 59-66
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Tirucallane, apotirucallane, and octanorapotirucallane triterpenes of Simarouba amara.
Grosvenor SN, Mascoll K, McLean S, Reynolds WF, Tinto WF.
Journal of natural products. 2006; 69(9): 1315-8
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Simalikalactone D is responsible for the antimalarial properties of an Amazonian traditional remedy made with Quassia amara L. (Simaroubaceae).
Bertani S, Houël E, Stien D, Chevolot L, Jullian V, Garavito G, Bourdy G, Deharo E.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 2006; 108(1): 155-7
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Phenolic glycosides from Potalia amara.
Li XC, ElSohly HN, Walker LA, Clark AM.
Planta medica. 2005; 71(10): 977-9
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Iberis amara L. and Iberogast--results of a systematic review concerning functional dyspepsia.
Melzer J, Iten F, Reichling J, Saller R.
Journal of herbal pharmacotherapy. 2004; 4(4): 51-9
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Evaluation of the analgesic and antiedematogenic activities of Quassia amara bark extract.
Toma W, Gracioso JS, Hiruma-Lima CA, Andrade FD, Vilegas W, Souza Brito AR.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 2003; 85(1): 19-23
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Antioxidative properties of Iberis amara extracts in biochemical model reactions.
Schempp H, Toth A, Weiser D, Elstner EF.
Arzneimittel-Forschung. 2003; 53(8): 568-77
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[Drugs with Iberis amara as a modern phytotherapy to treat chronic functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract].
Saller R, Reichling J.
Forschende Komplementarmedizin und klassische Naturheilkunde = Research in complementary and natura. 2002; 9 Suppl 1(): V-VI
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[Iberis amara L. (bitter candytuft)--profile of a medicinal plant].
Reichling J, Saller R.
Forschende Komplementarmedizin und klassische Naturheilkunde = Research in complementary and natura. 2002; 9 Suppl 1(): 21-33
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Evaluation of glucoiberin reference material from Iberis amara by spectroscopic fingerprinting.
Jaki B, Sticher O, Veit M, Fröhlich R, Pauli GF.
Journal of natural products. 2002; 65(4): 517-22
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Antiulcerogenic activity of four extracts obtained from the bark wood of Quassia amara L. (Simaroubaceae).
Toma W, Gracioso Jde S, de Andrade FD, Hiruma-Lima CA, Vilegas W, Souza Brito AR.
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin. 2002; 25(9): 1151-5
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An antioxidant sinapic acid ester isolated from Iberis amara.
Fabre N, Urizzi P, Souchard JP, Fréchard A, Claparols C, Fourasté I, Moulis C.
Fitoterapia. 2000; 71(4): 425-8
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In vivo antimalarial activities of Quassia amara and Quassia undulata plant extracts in mice.
Ajaiyeoba EO, Abalogu UI, Krebs HC, Oduola AM.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 1999; 67(3): 321-5
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Antifertility activity of Quassia amara in male rats - in vivo study.
Raji Y, Bolarinwa AF.
Life sciences. 1997; 61(11): 1067-74
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Indonesian medicinal plants. XVII. Characterization of quassinoids from the stems of Quassia indica.
Kitagawa I, Mahmud T, Yokota K, Nakagawa S, Mayumi T, Kobayashi M, Shibuya H.
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin. 1996; 44(11): 2009-14
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Antifertility activity of Quassia amara: quassin inhibits the steroidogenesis in rat Leydig cells in vitro.
Njar VC, Alao TO, Okogun JI, Raji Y, Bolarinwa AF, Nduka EU.
Planta medica. 1995; 61(2): 180-2
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[Prophylaxis and treatment of pediculosis with Quassia amarga].
Ninci ME.
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Medicas (Cordoba, Argentina). 1991; 49(2): 27-31
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Use of microdilution to assess in vitro antiamoebic activities of Brucea javanica fruits, Simarouba amara stem, and a number of quassinoids.
Wright CW, O'Neill MJ, Phillipson JD, Warhurst DC.
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 1988; 32(11): 1725-9
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[Treatment of head lice with quassia tincture].
Jensen O, Bjerregaard P, Nielsen AO.
Ugeskrift for laeger. 1979; 141(4): 225-6
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The isolation and structure of 13,18-dehydroglaucarubinone, a new antineoplastic quassinoid from Simarouba amara.
Polonsky J, Varon Z, Jacquemin H, Pettit GR.
Experientia. 1978; 34(9): 1122-3
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Quassimarin, a new antileukemic quassinoid from Quassia amara.
Kupchan SM, Streelman DR.
The Journal of organic chemistry. 1976; 41(21): 3481-2
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[Amara in current therapy].
Weiss RF.
Planta medica. 1966; (): Suppl:128-32
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Biological activity of novel macrocyclic alkaloids (budmunchiamines) from Albizia amara detected on the basis of interaction with DNA.
Mar W, Tan GT, Cordell GA, Pezzuto JM, Jurcic K, Offermann F, Redl K, Steinke B, Wagner H.
Journal of natural products. 0; 54(6): 1531-42
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Development and validation of liquid chromatography combined with tandem mass spectrometry methods for the quantitation of simalikalactone E in extracts of Quassia amara L. and in mouse blood.
Le HL, Jullian V, Claparols C, Vansteelandt M, Haddad M, Cabou C, Deharo E, Fabre N.
Phytochemical analysis : PCA. 0; 26(2): 111-8
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Plants as sources of antimalarial drugs, Part 6: Activities of Simarouba amara fruits.
O'Neill MJ, Bray DH, Boardman P, Wright CW, Phillipson JD, Warhurst DC, Gupta MP, Correya M, Solis P.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 0; 22(2): 183-90
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